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    With Oman renewed renaissance, there is no better time to bring about this partnership with Develor, an internationally recognised training, coaching and consultancy company.  Oman is going through a transformation that is impacting all aspects of business life. It is in a race toward achieving its vision 2040 and the country has opted to openness toward the world, face the challenges and utilise the opportunities.

    We, at Zawad consultancy, have been looking for means of supporting the country and organisations at this time. We believed that some people had the skills and there are training providers that can provide training programs. However, these programs fail to address two important elements, changing participants attitude and mindset which is a prerequisite to implement the change and provide training that has measurable business impact. This is where Develor makes a difference besides their innovative blended learning approach. From the first moment we met with Develor, we were convinced that their model has many of the elements that organisations in Oman can benefit from and hence we have decided to bring them to Oman.

    Ghasan Almaamari, Managing Director of Develor Oman commented:

     Over the past few years, we have been looking for training and development solutions that can improve local organisation’s competitiveness. The market has several training and development providers, however, most of them focus on short-term deliveries and without commitment to any business impact.  Some organisations opted to send their staff to international programs, that aside from their high cost, has limited impact on individuals and does not fully understand the Oman local specificities. Meeting with Develor through the Oman chamber of commerce event has opened this opportunity for us and thus for all companies and organizations in Oman. I trust that Develor can provide the missing link. Develor has abilities to improve both individuals and teams by using qualified diagnostic tools, and a strong focus on the implementation of learned skills.  We are very excited to announce our partnership and we are sure that we can bring the change and transformation that organisations in Oman aspire to achieve.

     Zsolt Pozvai, Global CEO of Develor added:

    I truly believe in the great potential of both Oman and the Middle East region. After ten years of our first Middle East projects, this is the right momentum to have an official presence in this fast-developing country. Over the last decade, we had several impactful training and consulting projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries. We are proud of the measurable business impact and tangible results of these programs. Due to the pandemic, most economies were shaken globally, and the training industry was also impacted heavily. Develor is one of the few positive examples of a successful period recently and growth under challenging circumstances. The first immediate reactions of potential clients exceeded our expectations in Oman, this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship and high-potential investment.



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