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    What project goals and related KPIs do we define? Do we need KPIs at all?

    A clear definition of what we want to reach is a must before jumping in the middle of actions. And here comes a critical point: goal setting means the definition of what we intend to reach as the result of the successful implementation of the Employer Branding project.

    We typically face two major stages of Employer Branding projects:

    1. DESIGN of the elements of a strong employer brand
    2. IMPLEMENTATION of the brand elements.

    The structured definition of the employee value proposition and the core positioning is the creative – thus more attractive – job to be done.

    However, the implementation is going to deliver the results in the form of improving indicators.

    A well-structured and fully tailored list of leading indicators will provide you with short and mid-term KPIs to demonstrate if we are on the right track. Such an IMPLEMENTATION DASHBOARD contains both recruitment and retention indicators and optionally some recruitment marketing measures as well.

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