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    Target group

    • All levels

    How many people?

    12 - 15

    How long will it take?

    1 day

    When all old methods have failed – how can leaders & employees handle their position and duties in such an environment?

    Inspired by a true story, the training offers a highly engaging and exciting gamified approach to experience VUCA world and learn techniques to overcome the challenges it poses for us.

    During the training participants are put into a crisis situation, simulating the characteristics of VUCA world. They continuously have to plan, execute and review their activities, adapt to unexpected events while keeping customer satisfaction in mind. Moreover, to achieve success, they do not only have to work within their teams, but also to break down silo thinking and cooperate with the other teams as well.

    VUCA Mindset - smoke over Europe


    • experience and practice effective teamwork in a VUCA environment
    • recognize the benefits of cooperation between teams and thereby brake down silo thinking in the organization
    • learn through the experience of shared leadership
    • receive and provide instant feedback
    • discover and experiment with new tools from agile world
    • build and spread agile mindset and culture within and across teams
    • have a lot of fun!

    Course objectives

    • experience and understand the challenges of the VUCA world
    • learn how to deal with these challenges through various techniques and practices
    • practice new team & individual routines coming from agile approach


    • understanding the meaning and challenges of VUCA world
    • VUCA Prime Model – response to VUCA world challenges
    • The VUCA Challenge – A game inspired by a true story
    • create a VISION – focus on convincing communication
    • have a clear UNDERSTANDING – focus on active listening, asking questions, empowerment
    • rnsure CLARITY – focus on instant feedback
    • enhance AGILITY – learn some agile tools & routines (eg. retrospective meeting, time boxing, 50$ test, Kanban board)
    • implementation Support & Action Planning

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