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    Why do we not notice hazardous situations? Behind every accident there are many contributing factors, causes and sub-causes. Our perceptions misguide us. It is easy to miss something you are not looking for… especially if it reflects the prevailing company culture. So our job is to raise awareness and deal with these risks.

    As an objective beyond the frames of the usual safety training, we have set the shaping of the organization’s culture by helping participants admit that the safety rules are for them and not against them. Our programme changes the attitude of employees towards labour safety and establishes an analysis and risk management activity planning system. The course leads to creating conditions that minimize the risk of error and educates people to think and act in a manner that they proactively prevent issues instead of just fixing them.

    Safety awareness

    After processing “near miss” case studies, participants receive actual accident prevention methods for handling unexpected (emergency) situations. At the close of the program, they make individual voluntary commitments for increasing the safety of their immediate work environment in company.

    Course objectives

    • better understand the coincidence of reasons leading to safety accidents
    • understand their own role and responsibilites in eventual accidents
    • analyze the causes of work accidents and behave more consciously to eliminate them
    • handle unexpected situations with higher awareness and more conscious behaviour based on labour safety rules


    • safety thermometer – self assessment
    • The Titanic story – 100 years later
    • The Swiss Cheese Model Perception traps
    • Risk pyramid Processing accident situations and near miss cases
    • Analyses of Emergencies Compliance with rules – discipline, self-discipline

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