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    Target group

    • Sales and Purchasing People
    • Managers ans subordinates who deal with internal/external clients

    How many people?

    12 - 15

    How long will it take?

    1 day

    Sales and CX
    • Classroom Training
    • Virtual Training

    Recently most job profile include sales mindset or customer centricity. It is hard to find jobs where clients are not present in some way or another. Contacting clients in direct or indirect ways always include the potential possibility of sales. How shall we recognize these potential sales situations? What sort of sales situations are present in your or in your colleagues’ activities? How can we exploit all these possibilities? If not, how could we capitalize on these or find new sales possibilities?

    THE SALES ATTITUDE COURSE is dedicated to all people who are in contact with clients or will be in the future. The participants will get acquainted with sales principles and the sales process based on a state-of-art sales theoretical framework.

    FURTHERMORE THEY CAN ACQUIRE THE KNOWLEDGE of various customer expectations, how hidden needs can be identified and what techniques must be utilized in order to exceed customer expectations. The participants get to know the theory of the Develor situational sales model and its practical applications.

    Course objectives

    • communicate more consciously with potential or existing clients, due to a better understanding of client expectations and needs and due to more systematic thinking about customer potentials


    • the reasons and motives behind a purchase
    • the prerequisites of purchase
    • Moments of Truth
    • exceeding customer expectations
    • situational sales framework
    • the design of the sales process

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