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    Target group

    • All leaders

    How many people?

    8 - 12

    How long will it take?

    2 days

    • Virtual Training
    • Classroom Training

    … However, in most cases these assessment techniques appear as an unnecessary burden for employers. Just by hearing the words “performance appraisal”, many subordinates feel uncomfortable, and many managers think of the process as a necessary evil, not even regarding it as an integral part of their job. This attitude can degrade performance appraisal discussions simply to paperwork to tick off.

    The course aims to change the negative attitude regarding the performance appraisal process by exploring the impact of increasing performance, if a high level of managerial work is exhibited, and the advantages inherent in performance appraisal.

    During the programme participants become acquainted with the criteria of a well-functioning performance appraisal system. They acquire the right managerial behaviour in certain phases of the performance appraisal cycle, will know how to set proper and customized goals and KPIs for their subordinates, will know how to observe performance and how to give developmental feedback that is encouraging and measurably helps to improve performance.

    Course objectives

    • set relevant, inspiring and personalized objectives
    • define key performance indicators, competences and individual development objectives
    • give feedback relevant to the situation
    • eliminate observation and appraisal mistakes
    • conduct goal-setting and performance appraisal discussions consciously
    • improve performance and develop people


    • components of performance
    • benefits and objectives of performance appraisal
    • traps and mistakes
    • the performance appraisal cycle
    • the methodology of goal-setting
    • observing performance
    • the rules and process of feedback
    • delivering a performance appraisal discussion
    • coaching with the process company specific situational exercises

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