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    Target group

    • Managers on all levels
    • Talents
    • HR People

    How many people?

    8 - 12

    How long will it take?

    1 day

    Future Leadership
    • Classroom Training
    • Virtual Training

    How can we ensure as a leader that direct reports feel engagement, inspiration and motivation instead of insensitivity, duty or boredom in their every day work? How can we ignite motivation and keep ourselves and our employees moving? How can we keep our own motivation alive in this VUCA world?

    Our programme, built on the newest model of motivation, helps leaders find the key for employees’ internal motivation. The approach relies on a sense of achievement and the inspiring feeling of being successful that will ensure that co-workers feel joy, engagement and confidence instead of apathy while working.

    Motivation 3.0

    The course – following a brief theoretical foundation – is centred around creating a work environment required for excellent performance, i.e., a set of conditions allowing our co-workers’ potential to unfold: proceeding towards achieving their goals day-by-day, testing the limits of their performance, and awakening their dormant creativity.

    Course objectives

    • assess the climate and influence its motivating force
    • establish a motivating and inspiring environment at company
    • know when and how to use rewards and what rewards really boost engagement
    • give motivating recognition and feedback support their employees to use and maximize their strengths and become more aware of their innate talent and drivers


    • the function of motivation and the nature of motivators
    • the negative effects of external rewards
    • extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation
    • the 4 components of intrinsic motivation
    • what is Flow experience and how can it be supported in the workplace?
    • the specifics of an autotelic personality How to enhance one’s own and direct reports’ Flow ability

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