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    Target group

    • First line managers of blue collar workers

    How many people?

    8 - 12

    How long will it take?

    7,5 days

    • Classroom Training
    • Virtual Training

    Although one of the most important task of team leaders, supervisors or shift managers is to make most of themselves and their teams, in many cases it is their immense expertise that elevates first line managers from their co-workers, yet they do lack experience in leadership skills.

    Therefore, the most important objective of DEVELOR’S MasterShiftManager Program is – in addition to their excellent technical knowledge – to make shift managers become confident with most relevant leadership tasks. The program supports them acquire practical and easy to use leadership techniques that influence their own and their team’s seamless operation, and can become excellent leaders of even of a significant number of subordinates. DEVELOR’S MasterShiftManager Program is not a single training or a series of training courses, but a consciously elaborated development process, which combines various training, coaching and workshop methodologies in order to achieve the most possible effectiveness in leadership skills development.

    Special features of the program

    • designed specifically for the first line managers of production companies, considering the challenges they face in everyday working situations
    • puts special emphasis on the involvement of the direct superiors in order to clarify expectations, enhance engagement and support the application during and after the program
    • complex development process, where the elements are consciously built on each other to enhance efficiency
    • contains a combination of diverse development methodologies to make the behavior and attitude change happen
    • based on the experience and best practice of more than 2000 training days at over 150 production companies

    Course objectives

    • identify with shift manager role
    • represent interests through proper communication
    • handle conflicts within their teams
    • motivate colleagues
    • apply different leadership styles
    • give feedback in a constructive way


    • managerial orientation (0.5 day)
    • participant orientation (0.5 day)
    • Master Mindset Workshop (1 day)
    • Human Relations Training (2 days)
    • Essence of Leadership Training (2 days)
    • Leadership Effectiveness Consultation (1 day)
    • Follow-up (0.5 day)

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