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    Target group

    • All levels

    How many people?

    8 - 12

    How long will it take?

    1 day

    • Classroom Training
    • Virtual Training

    Anyone who has ever dealt with personality typology probably experienced that we easily start to arrange people into categories and boxes. But what if we say that in a certain context even contradictory qualities are fitting to us? Isn’t it a paradox? It probably is, but Lumina embraces paradox and builds on it.

    Prior to the training the participants are requested to fill in an online questionnaire so that we can generate their Lumina Spark portraits. The model is easy to understand, but thanks to the 24 qualities, it offers deeper insight at the same time. We are the guides to the participants on their journey to discover their personality. We enable them to recognize and appreciate the diversity (even their opposites) and to adapt their approach to their communication with different colleagues.

    Lumina Spark Training

    During the training we work with individual Lumina Spark portraits, focusing on the holistic view of the personality, its underlying, everyday and overextended persona without labelling, boxing or stereotyping.

    Lumina Splash is an interactive application that can be downloaded by participants so that they can access their digital profile at any time and share it with their family, friends or colleagues via QR code or compare their results with other participants.

    Course objectives

    • understand their personalities and traits
    • use their strengths to cooperate better in team and to achieve common results
    • consciously form better relations
    • build on their authenticity


    • introduction and objectives, colour card exercise
    • 4 Lumina Learning principles
    • 4 colours: role-modelling of the
    • 4 colours, pair exercises connected to work-situations, including feedback 8 aspects: review cards at level of the 8 aspects
    • Lumina Mandala 24 qualities: working with individual portraits, my portrait the quality mandala
    • the 3 personas: Underlying, Everyday and Overextended Building rapport, valuing diversity
    • co-creating results: model GROWS and next steps

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