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    Target group

    • Middle managers
    • Top managers

    How many people?

    5 - 12

    How long will it take?

    3 x 90 minutes

    There is no more relevant skill today than leading, motivating and supervising home office workers. There is no bigger challenge than creating an engaging environment now, when the abnormal is the new normal, when old routines are worth close to nothing.

    Our virtual classroom program helps managers to cope with the current unexpected situation, when people are remote, the whole work situation is uncertain and fast-changing. It covers leadership routines and strategies to motivate people while using technology as an advantage.

    During the first session we provide managers with practical help on how they can best influence individual performance and how to motivate physically absent colleagues, reinforcing their commitment. For home-office teams, it is also a matter of trust and the implementation of the most effective operating standards. Participants also learn how to set and review goals for remote teams.

    Leading home office workers

    In this new environment it also important that home office employees feel the leadership support and motivation, and that their development is not neglected. This, in turn, requires a well-functioning leadership operating system with various online meetings, one-on-one meetings and teamwork. This is what we focus on in our second session.

    And last, but not least, managers need to become confident with different online collaboration tools, as well as the virtual etiquette, which has its own typical standards as well.

    We support the program with bi-weekly team sociomapping (mapping emotional status of your people) as well as homework assignments in between training sessions.

    Course objectives

    • implement tools of motivation, review and feedback in remote mode
    • adapt the leadership operation model to the changed situation
    • become more confident in online communication and routines


    • leadership challenges in the home-office environment
    • the aspects of efficient remote teams
    • motivating and engaging remote workers for results
    • leadership Operation Model adapted to remote teams
    • leadership routines to support effectiveness – types of meetings and application for home office workers
    • methods for developing colleagues – mini-training and coaching
    • enhancing remote communication and collaboration


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