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    Target group

    • All leaders

    How many people?

    8 - 12

    How long will it take?

    1,5 days

    Future Leadership
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    The meaning and perception of courage is pretty ambigous, especially when it comes to business leaders, and it may involve unknown assumptions, expectations or deeply personal fears and perceptions. The biggest question may be whether courage can be learned and developed at all.

    Our program approaches leadership courage as a skill that can be developed. Courage, however, isn’t a one-dimensional competence; its complexity is well-described in our Leadership Courage Octagon© model, which on the one hand visualizes the fields where leadership courage can manifest itself, and on the other hand it is also an excellent and practical tool for self-assessment.

    The training starts from a thorough and clear understanding of the concept of leadership courage, giving clues for understanding the real meaning of courage and helping people face and cope with fears. During the programme, participants become aware of the 8 fields in which courage can manifest itself in a leader’s work and also discover the role and importance of Psychological Safety at company. Pragmatically, on the course company’s leaders will take the first steps to creating a Courage Culture at company.

    Course objectives

    • enhance self-awareness related to fears and courage
    • identify areas where leadership courage can manifest itself and where courage needs to be strengthened
    • assess the situation in own department from the aspects of courage
    • understand the importance of Psychological Safety at work and learn techniques to build it
    • identify the steps to be taken to create a courage culture make others develop courage in themselves
    • routinely react to various, typically difficult leadership situations


    • interpretation of courage and in particular leadership courage
    • The Comfort Zone Theory and its relevance in developing courage
    • The Leadership Courage Octagon© – the 8 key areas of courage in leadership
    • managing fears
    • enhancing self-awareness with the help of the Leadership Courage Octagon©
    • the role and importance of Psychological Safety in the workplace and in enhancing courage in others
    • Elements of a Courage Culture© Tools and techniques to build Courage Culture©Action planning for individual and team development

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