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    Target group

    • Middle Managers
    • Top Managers
    • Sales Supervisors and Managers

    How many people?

    8 - 12

    How long will it take?

    2 days

    • Classroom Training
    • Virtual Training

    When selecting managers – in the majority of cases – professional expertize is the determinant factor to consider. However, managers with a strong focus on professional expertize often know little about how to get their direct reports to do their utmost and how to develop them further. Coaching is a well known part of the managerial toolkit, although few apply it in an adequate way to get the expected output and thus feel that their investments – both from the leader’s and the employee’s side – create value.

    The programme clarifies the role of leadership coaching, how it fits into leadership tasks and into the process of a company’s performance appraisal system, what process makes it successful. It also explores deeply how to create the trustful atmosphere necessary to enable learning and development.

    The course presents how can we reach the abovementioned result: by properly observing performance, creating a trustful environment, avoiding common mistakes during coaching discussions, and using adequate language – by paying attention to the special traits of the individual. Excellent coaches will be successful leaders of committed and motivated teams.

    Course objectives

    • develop company’s employees effectively
    • give adequate feedback to team members
    • use the language and method of coaching
    • build the confidence necessary for coaching
    • observe company’s staff members
    • effectively conduct a coaching discussion in a structured way
    • set the right developmental objectives


    • the components of performance and ways to influence it
    • the role and place of coaching within the process of company’s performance management system
    • the difference between effective and unsuccessful coaching
    • recognition and other managerial feedback with the aim of development
    • the process and steps of coaching, the task of a manager as a coach
    • the creation of a trustful atmosphere
    • the language and method of coaching in practice

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