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    Target group

    How many people?

    8 - 12

    How long will it take?

    1 - 2 days

    • Classroom Training
    • Virtual Training

    A team is more than the sum of the individuals within it. Success in many cases depends on how we can leverage the strengths of team members, compensate for any weaknesses. However, all this is not possible until we become aware of these traits.

    The program starts with the analysis of a whole team’s color energies. We reveal the individual’s added values which are necessary to make the team work well. Knowing the strongest color energies of the team we can describe the strengths and weaknesses of the team. We take our time to work one by one with each colleague, and figure out the ideal workload distribution but still focusing on the goals of the team.

    Based on the knowledge of Insights Personal Effectiveness training this course places the emphasis on using the color energies constructively for the sake of the common success. We recommend this course to the newly shaped and the already performing groups as well so that they can capitalize on tailor-made development possibilities.

    Course objectives

    Utilize the strengths of the team, be aware of the possible weaknesses, and they can support the team members to perform their bests for the common result.


    • overview of the Insights system and the color energies
    • using the color energies within the team
    • analyzing the Insights Team Wheel and the team dynamics behind
    • strengths of the team and how to capitalize further on it
    • how to handle the weaknesses and the lack of certain colour energies
    • my individual values and roles in the team
    • communication and co-operation strategies
    • making action plan for the team, and create commitment

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