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    Target group

    • Leaders at all levels

    How many people?

    8 - 12

    How long will it take?

    1 day

    Future Leadership Employee Experience
    • Classroom Training
    • Virtual Training

    The engagement interview is a periodic (yearly or half-yearly) one-on-one structured discussion between a superior and a subordinate. It’s a two-way deep and honest conversation to identify and reinforce factors that drive an individual’s retention and engagement.

    Using this proactive interview method your staff will know that they are important and it will create a more honest and trustful manager-employee relationship and team atmosphere. This alone can lead to higher retention rates and higher engagement level. Establishing open communication on these vital topics will allow you to find win-win solutions for the discovered issues.

    Engagement interview

    Beyond the process and key principles, each step of a proper interview flow will be explored and practiced during the training. Even a step-by-step series of questions to guide meaningful conversations and ensure fruitful outcomes will be provided and further fine-tuned for the managers. This will give a stable yet flexible basis for them to practice engagement interviews even with difficult employees, where significant ventilation or negative feedback can be expected and should be handled professionally. The engagement interview is to be an integrated part of the organization’s complex engagement solution that is to tackle the current labor market megatrends.

    Course objectives

    • conduct deep and honest conversation with employees to identify and reinforce factors that drive an individual’s engagement and also to detect possible triggers that may cause employees to leave


    • significance of the engagement interview and its role and place in the overall review system
    • process and principles of the organization of the meeting
    • overview of the process and benefits
    • detailed exploration of the 6-steps of a engagement interview
    • elaborating useful questions and scripts
    • practicing the interview and gaining feedback to further development with various types of colleagues
    • handling difficult situations and negative feedback
    • follow up actions

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