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    1 day

    Future Leadership
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    Many people see technology as a threat instead of an opportunity. Their resistance – or lack of support – can stop them from developing a digital mindset and practices. Company growth and productivity is jeopardized by a lack of related skills and capabilities.

    A digital mindset is crucial in order to be open to the changes. Prepare your colleagues for the digital transformation by shifting their mindset regarding opportunities, risks and responsibilities regarding digital change.

    The objective of the programme is to reduce fear and insecurity towards digital solutions and to enable participants to acquire a SPECIFIC MINDSET.

    During the programme participants learn to identify the current level of digitalization of their most frequent activities and select those that are problematic in terms of efficiency (repetitive, time-consuming, mechanical). They identify a future, ideal state where digital technologies could help, and also gather practical ideas to find the right solution.

    With the help of DEVELOR’s Digital Navigator Model participants learn a practical grouping and structured approach for finding the right applications for themselves.

    The course also intends to draw attention to the dangers and harmful side-effects of extensive digital overuse, and helps participants find a healthy balance with digital detox techniques.

    Course objectives

    • distinguish the most important notions and definitions regarding the digital world
    • recognize the levels of digitalization of activities at company
    • look at company daily activities and habits with a digital mindset
    • make a conscious decision about what to digitalize and to what extent
    • identify the potential digital tools to use
    • become more aware of the dangers of digital overuse and find a healthy balance with digital detox techniques


    • basic notions & definitions: digitization, digitalization, digital transformation
    • what is a Digital mindset?
    • the 4 levels of digitalization
    • improving your digital mindset using DEVELOR’s 4-step model
    • receiving practical help to find the appropriate tools with the help of the DEVELOR Digital Navigator model
    • exchanging best practices in a Digital Marketplace exercise
    • Digital Detox – how to avoid the dangers of digital overuse and find a healthy balance
    • individual- and team-level action planning by keeping a healthy balance in mind

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