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    Target group

    • A healthy mixture of decision makers, the managers of the target group of the development program and representatives of the target group

    How many people?

    How long will it take?

    1 day

    Blended Learning
    • Workshop

    When designing a complex development program, we challenge our customers to think on what business performance (KPI) they would like to see being demonstrated by the target group and beyond. So, the expected outcome comes first, and the design of training content is just the final step of the preparation phase.

    Develor value chain workshop

    DVC also starts from the organization’s business goals, just as any planning processes would do. However, as an irregularity, it focuses on the ‘critical behaviors’.

    We seek to answer the question, what is that activity, behavior and attitude, which is essential to reach the target! Then we touch on every job that either directly or indirectly affects reaching the given goals. The whole development process is planned by the help and specific toolkit of the Kirkpatrick methodology setting what result, behaviour, learning and reaction to the development to reach.

    As a following step, we look for those processes, systems and tools that support and sustain the defined critical behaviors. The outlined planning process is realized at a DVC workshop, which is attended by the managers of the company, selected employees and specialists of Develor.

    The development will evidently be based on the defined action plan prepared at the workshop and will be delivered in an impactful and memorable way. The application of the required critical behaviors and processes will be ensured by specific implementation support tools and will also be monitored and tracked by the predefined measurement tools to meet the set business objectives.

    The workshop and its end results and deliverables might guarantee a measureable business result, therefore focusing on a training intervention as an investment, which has a direct contribution to the business. An essential preparation program if you need a training intervention, which brings solid value to the organization.

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