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    Target group

    • Managers & employees in various positions
    • Talents
    • Young potentials

    How many people?

    6 - 10

    How long will it take?

    The length of a DC is 1 day / group. The length of the process is 3-5 weeks, depending on participant number and complexity.

    Talent Management
    • Individual Diagnostics

    A Development Centre (DC) is a standardized process that evaluates the level of certain competencies and behaviours in prearranged circumstances, in front of trained observers, for development purposes.

    A Development Centre provides the opportunity to observe colleagues in a series of diverse and challenging exercises, allowing their potential to be discovered, as well as their areas for improvement. With the help of a Development Centre we can examine to what extent an individual is able to put certain behavioural rules into practice and demonstrate them according to the expectations in a predefined environment.

    Development Center (DC) process

    What makes our solution special

    • tailor-made pool of exercises modelling the tasks and challenges of the given position
    • tailor-made evaluation toolkit
    • ensuring objectivity:
      • evidence-based evaluation
      • trained internal/external observers
    • support in communication and participant buy-in
    • managing full logistics of the DC event
    • tailor-made participant reports and feedback
    • individual and group-level development plans

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