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    How many people?

    5 - 12

    How long will it take?

    2 x 90 minutes

    Hybrid Operation
    • Virtual Training

    How to operate and work together, keeping the health of ourselves and others as first priority? How to prevent a re-outbreak of the pandemic, which, if spreads among our colleagues, could cause serious damage to our business? Knowing about the precautions more or less, knowing them wrong, or just simply not doing them has probably never been so dangerous to us, our colleagues, relatives or our business than before.

    During our highly interactive online course, we lay the foundations for a safety and health culture in terms of both attitudes and essential behaviors. We teach those specific safety protocols that help to keep each other safe after returning to the workplace.

    In the first session of the course we focus on the understanding and acceptance of the necessity of safety precautions, then dedicate time to learn and practice such important protocols like how to use a mask properly, how to put gloves on and off in a safe way, or how to handle potential dangers arising from touching different objects in the office like documents, letter, stationaries.

    COVID-Safety awareness

    During the second session we drew the attention to collective responsibility and examine the safety aspects of situations that require interaction with colleagues – working at our desk, strolling around in community areas or having a personal meeting in a meeting room. We also discuss the principles and practices of handling visitors in our office without causing or suffering any inconvenience. And last but not least we talk about how to handle and what to do with those who break or neglect the rules.

    Course objectives

    • understand the reasons and importance of responsible, COVID-safe attitude and behaviors
    • learn specific precaution norms for individual safety, for working with colleagues and with external guests


    • Why do we need to take precautions? – The biology and mathematics behind the virus from safety perspective
    • the levels of safety
    • individual precaution protocols – physical distancing, cleaning hands, wearing protective equipment
    • working with colleagues – working at your desk, in community areas and in meetings in a COVID-safe manner
    • receiving guests and visitors in the office – keeping yourself and your guests safe, without inconvenience
    • handling rulebreakers – how to act if we see that someone is violating the rules?

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