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    The world is complex. The right and wrong is unclear. Stability doesn’t exist.

    Most things have multiple meanings often difficult to see. To stay afloat in this reality companies turn to agile.

    In many industries they try and undergo an agile transformation. They get their people certified as scrum masters. Agile coaches are hired to help the transformation and in most cases end up with a hybrid setup.

    Where’s the trouble there?

    Even when established knowledge of agile methodologies is present often leaders miss skills and routines. Although all agile methodology was thrown at them during training they do not know what to do differently in every day work. And people lack the mindset to operate in an agile way.

    Although they know they’re supposed to be agile they have their minds set in the traditional environment.

    As a leading training and consulting company DEVELOR aims at developing skills implementing routines and changing mindsets to assist you with your transformation into agile ways of working.

    Agile Package by DEVELOR

    The DEVELOR agile mindset and skills training package equips your leaders with practical ability to implement, execute and oversee the agile routines. And instills the agile mindset in the people working in an agile or hybrid setup.

    The package contains training and simulations which teach people how to think and act in an ever-changing environment.

    The skills of managing projects and the leadership techniques suited for an agile environment.

    Our experts can assist you in the day-to-day journey to not only do agile but also to be agile.

    Be agile with DEVELOR.

    Handle hybrid operations

    Leave your e-mail and get the latest e-book packed with tested tips on how to operate in a hybrid team.

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