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    Réka Greff, Learning Experience manager at Develor International talks about Agile Portfolio.

    What is the VUCA World?

    VUCA is an acronym for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous

    As many things in the world, it originates in the US army, but nowadays it’s broadly used to describe this ever-changing business environment that we are living in.

    To survive and to succeed in this business environment – both as an individual and as a company – you need to adapt a special skill-set, mindset and different routines compared to those ones that you used before.

    We at DEVELOR believe in innovation and in the past half a year, we have developed an agile package answering the challenges and requests coming from our clients.

    This package contains three different highly-gamified training courses, which support the change of so-called agile mindset for employees and managers of certain companies and also to develop agile leadership skills and routines and also to support those people who would like to manage agile projects maybe in a non-agile environment.

    We teach them the most important practices and principles of agile project management.

    The Agile Mindset in the VUCA World Course

    This course is suited for the companies which have not gone through an agile transformation, maybe do not even plan to do so, but are facing the challenges of the VUCA world and have heard about agile and would like to apply the best practices of the agile methodology.

    During this course, the participants are put through a crisis situation – a very gamified situation – where they can practice and experience this VUCA challenge and learn the tools, skills and mindsets which are needed to be successful in the VUCA world.

    For the companies which would like to run agile projects, The Agile Project Management Course including the New Cairo simulation would be the best choice.

    The Agile Project Management Course

    During the New Cairo simulation and during this course, we really take participants through a journey where they can learn the most important agile routines, agile practices and agile methodologies.

    For example, we teach them how to use the agile board, the backlog or the burndown chart; they learn what the different agile roles mean, such as the product owner, the agile coach or the different team-member roles and also how to run the routines, such as the retrospective meeting or a planning meeting, for example. They experience and practice it in an in-depth manner.

    The Agile Leadership Course

    For managers, who would like to be more successful and confident in an agile environment, we offer The Agile Leadership Course, during which they learn how to move from the conventional leadership routines towards a more agile leadership approach.



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